About the Artist

About Byzantine Hip-Hop   Resume

The purpose of my art is to create a place for all people to recognize themselves as members of a global community. Through shared information about our histories, customs, and belief systems,we can reflect, compare and continue to learn from one another.

I work with many different media, with a strong emphasis on public art [murals, mosaics, theater crafts], as well as ritual artwork and craft to serve a spiritual community, [afro-diaspora, afro brazilian ritual costumes]. This path as artisan for these traditions has served my evolution as a historian and innovator for these times.

As an art instructor, my formula is to work with whatever the students are already expressing, and to cultivate their efforts with more “creative experiences”, working with various visual arts media. I emphasize the importance of being morally responsible for the impact that their art may have on the audience. Most important, is to empower the students with a sense of identity and purpose as the creative minds of these very special times.